Honey and mustard pork roast in pressure cooker

A pork roast recipe in pressure cooker with only 3 main ingredients? Yes. Pork roast can be scary to make, and the first time you might feel like calling your mum to be sure ( I did!), but this one is incredibly easy and, most of all, has been approved by my mum!

Positive: Unmissable, tender and super tasty.

Negative: Not your basic pork roast recipe but a fantastic version.

Ingredients for 6: 800/900 g pork roast – 15 cl of white wine – 2 onions (you should also have: 3 tablespoons honey – 3 tablespoons mustard – evo oil – salt, pepper)


Put oil in the pressure cooker. When it begins to sizzle brown roast on each sides. Add salt, pepper, mustard (you better use a strong one to balance sweetness of honey) and honey on the roast then pour white wine. Slice onions and add it to the pot. Lock lid in place and bring cooker up to high pressure; cook for 40 minutes.

honey and mustard pork roast

My advice: Make it a one pot meal and after 30 minutes add 6 medium potatoes cut into cubes. Cook for the remaining 10 minutes.

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