Best trick for boiled eggs

What if I tell you that you’ve been eating boiled eggs the wrong way all your life?

You probably already know many tricks about cooking them or peeling them faster, but with this method you will be able to peel your egg in… zero second!

Let’s start.

How to make a boiled egg and peel it in zero second:

Take a cup of tea or a ramekin and line it with plastic wrap. (Some people brush the plastic wrap with oil to make the unwrapping even easier, but it’s already so easy that I don’t!)


Crack egg in the center.

boiled egg in plastic wrap

Gather the four corners together and twist them tight to lock your egg.

boiled eggs without peeling

Drop egg into boiling water.

best way to boil eggs

Cooking time:

2-3 minutes: for poached egg

6-8 minutes: for soft-boiled egg

8-10 minutes: for hard-boiled egg

how to boil egg without peeling

After your preferred cooking time, allow your egg to cool a few minutes then unwrap.

how to boil eggs without peeling

Serve as you like!

easy boiled eggs

boiled egg easy peeling

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