Breaded camembert (delicious!)

I’ve been wanted to make breaded camembert for a long time… and I’m so glad I finally made it!

Positive: Crispy on the outside and creamy inside… just delicious! Very quick to make. Vegetarian.

Negative: Well… it’s fried, but you can’t ALWAYS eat healthy.


  • camembert
  • 1 egg
  • breadcrumbs


Prepare a bowl with a beaten egg, a small plate with breadcrumbs.

Heat some sunflower oil in a small skillet, just enough to cover the bottom.

Cut camembert into triangles (about 10 if you fry it all) and when the oil is hot enough (it should slightly bubble when dipping food in it)  place your cheese slices in the pan. It should fry about 1 minute on each 5 sides.

When each side is has a nice golden color, place your breaded camembert on a kitchen towel to absorb the excess of oil and serve immediately. Enjoy!

camembert pané

breaded camembert recipe

My advice: Serve your breaded camembert with salad drizzled with evo oil, apple slices and balsamic vinegar.

What do you think?

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