Couscous, tomato and oregano (baby food)

Whether you need a meal on-the-go for baby or you don’t have time to cook, this recipe is just fantastic. My little Lobster literally eat it up! Perfect for babies from 6 months.

You will only need:

⇒ a small glass jar (like the ones for yogurt) with an hermetic lid

  • 3 teaspoons dry couscous
  • 1 cherry tomato (or just half)
  • oregano

Bring a bit of water to a boil. Add couscous in your jar with a drop of olive oil, then add the same amount of water per 3. So for 3 teaspoons of couscous I added about 9-10 spoons of boiling water. Close well your jar and wait a few minutes to allow couscous to absorb all the water. Taste consistency. If not moist enough, add some more boiling water and repeat process.

Cut a cherry tomato in half, peel it and take out seeds, then cut it in very tiny dice.

Add tomato and a pinch of oregano to couscous and stir. Best served lukewarm.

My advice: You can easily modify this recipe with whatever you have at home, like boiled zucchini, carrot and parsley…

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