You think they are harmless creatures until…

Sweet cute little things, aren’t they? How to resist to a baby’s smile?


You don’t! Your heart melt. You let your guard down. What could ever happen? They are so harmless…

…until they grow teeth. I’ve seen plenty of posts about poor teething babies, and how they suffer and cry and scream all night. Sure, they do suffer. It must be very painful when teeth start piercing through your flesh. Fortunately no one remember experiencing it and they won’t either, so let’s get over it!

On the other hand, no one write about poor mothers with a teething baby. No. You won’t read much about breastfeeding mother complaining about baby biting hard into her sensible nipple erasing for one moment the loving and caring mother she is and making her weak and filled with pain and anger because, you know, breastfeeding is such a beautiful loving act.

I’m telling you, even if you’re not breastfeeding, any occasion is good for these little vampires to sink their fangs into whatever piece of skin you left uncovered, or covered for what it matters.

Nature can be a real bitch indeed. Think about it! It’s like giving knives to a child. You don’t! Because it’s dangerous! Well, Nature decided to give TEETH to a small baby. What do you think teeth are? They cut through flesh and they do all this kind of damage to your home:

Exactly. Teeth are weapons! So basically, babies are given tiny little sharp blades to play with even before to be able to talk so you can’t even communicate or try to reason with those (evil) creatures whose best new hobby is to bite as hard as possible eeeeeeverything.




What do you think?

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