Chocolate covered clementines

I’ve been dreaming about these chocolate covered clementines for a while to be honest, and it happened the other day while I was making chocolate oatmeal balls and I had about 2 spoons of melted chocolate left in the pan and a clementine left in the fridge.

Positive: Magnificent.

First, you feel the dark chocolate on your tongue and because it is so strong, your mouth immediately creates a wave of saliva to help you spread its rich flavour all over your taste buds and a microsecond later, as soon as your teeth penetrate the crunchy layer, you can feel a second wave submerging you, this time, a sweet and citrus taste is now flowing inside you engaging a difficult battle behind your lips where the sharp and bitter aftertaste of the chocolate doesn’t want to be defeated by the juicy and fruity invasion of the clementine, but then, while you’re in a daze and now completely confused between right and wrong, the almost forgotten fleur de sel releases its final kick enhancing the sweetness of both chocolate and clementine leaving you with an explosion of savours. Then you take another one just to make sure what just happened was real.

Negative: I’ve seen pictures where usually you leave half of the clementine’s piece without chocolate so you have a nice contrast of colour and you don’t have to touch the chocolate when taking one in your hand. I couldn’t care less. It was faster to throw the fruits in the pan and stir to cover them and that means also more chocolate for everyone.


  • 4-5 small clementines 
  • 100 g dark chocolate (I used an 85% dark chocolate)
  • fleur de sel (or sea salt flakes)


[When melting chocolate I prefer the bain-marie (double boiler) style like I explained in the chocolate oatmeal balls recipe linked above but sometimes using the microwave doesn’t hurt.]

Peel and segment clementines. Set aside.

Break chocolate in a small bowl and microwave 20 seconds on high power. Repeat until melted.

Dip (or throw like I did) clementines into melted chocolate and stir gently until each segment is completely covered. Transfer to a cool rack or a baking sheet and sprinkle with fleur de sel.

Refrigerate until chocolate hardens (a few minutes) and enjoy.

chocolate covered clementines

My advice: If you want the best experience you need to choose the best ingredients. A good chocolate and good clementines.

What do you think?

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