3 Sweet and Savoury Finger Food Ideas

Finger food ideas are ALWAYS useful, either for a party, a picnic or just because you want to enjoy a beer with your partner outside of the house, on the stairs because you don’t have a garden, so you want some cute petit four to make it look more fancy. Guilty!

Anyway, I don’t know you but I LOVE sweet and savoury food! In France, my mum used to make lots of it when I was a kid, like pork roast with prunes (my favourite!), caramelised pork with pineapple, black pudding with apple… And because I looked into my fridge and saw some leftover pieces of cheese and fruits about to go off, I had no choice but to make a decision. Either pretend not to see them and push them inadvertently toward the back of the fridge (who never did it, right?) or find a creative way to use them.

Positive: I never ever had banana/gorgonzola together and it’s… AMAZING! OMG, please try it and let me know what you think!

Negative: If you make different types of finger food like I did, it’s a bit long (for my standards). So I would either just make a few of them or choose one type.


  • ham / brie / grape
  • peach / balsamic vinegar / bacon
  • banana / gorgonzola / honey

+ puff pastry roll


Here I used half of my ready roll puff pastry (375 g) because I used the other half for another recipe… :) So I cut exactly 17 rounds out of the pastry with a small glass.

sweet and savoury finger food.jpg

So you basically cut out those tiny rounds and proceed with your toppings:

Ham, brie and grape;

Peach, a dash of balsamic vinegar (the glaze would work best) and bacon;

Pieces of banana, dice of gorgonzola and a drop of honey.

Try to keep everything centred and don’t add up too much.

Place in preheated oven at 180°C for about 15 minutes.

For a more golden result, you can brush your pastry with egg or milk, before to add toppings. I just always forget to do it.

food finger ideas.jpg

3 sweet and savoury finger food

And tadaaam! Some delicious sweet and savoury tartlets ready to eat!

My advice: I’m not a huge fan of industrial puff pastry, or at least that one I bought from Tesco. What would you suggest for a lighter and gluten-free version?

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