Food Quote: Start each day with a grateful pancake

Start each day with a grateful [pancake].

Do you know the original quote?

Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart. Roy T. Bennett

Very cute quote but I’m not the kind of person who wakes up particularly positive. I basically care about absolutely nothing, though I have an 24/7 emergency brain for my baby, until my stomach is filled. I need a hot tea, a consistent breakfast – preferably savoury -, a shower and then, eventually, my mood will get better.

Why pancake? I love cooking, I love pancakes but I never make them. Never. It’s something I leave to my boyfriend. I cook pretty much everything and he does the washing-up that I hate so much, but I want him to remain the “master” of a few things, like pizza, risotto and pancakes, to remind him from time to time that his skills are needed. Clever, huh?

And I’m so grateful for the few times in the past 7 years that he made pancakes, because cooking in the morning before to even have breakfast (scrambled eggs don’t count as cooking) – unless it’s a food emergency and the only way to eat something is actually to cook – is unthinkable for me.

So my wish would be to “start each Sunday with a grateful pancake”. :)

food quote_start each day with a grateful pancake

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