Butternut Squash and Rice Croquettes

I will never get enough of this kind of food. Regardless of the shape (cylindric or flat) it is sometimes called:

  • croquette or hash brown by the British
  • also croquette or galette by the French
  • tot or patty by the American
  • crocchetta or galletta by the Italian

Often made with a mashed potato base covered with breadcrumbs and fried, it can actually be made of EVERYTHING. You can add your favourite vegetable, mashed, grated or diced, your favourite cheese; add consistency with flour, rice, oatmeal or other cereal and use egg or gram flour to bind ingredients together. You can usually cook them either in a frying pan with a thin layer of oil or in oven for a healthier version.

Ingredients for 3-4 people:

  • 250 g cooked butternut squash
  • 50 g grated cheddar
  • breadcrumbs

In your pantry:

  • 50 g 80g cooked rice
  • salt, pepper
  • garlic powder, thyme (optional)
  • oil

Positive: Sweet & cheesy

Negative: They firm up when they cool down but I would still add 80 g rice instead of just 50 g to make them definitely more filling.


Bring a pot of salted water to a boil.

Slice butternut squash widthwise with a sharp knife then cut out skin carefully. Cut in thick pieces of 2-3 cm. Cook in boiling water about 10 minutes or until very tender.

Drain butternut squash and transfer to large bowl to mash with a fork. Allow to cool down.

Season with salt, pepper. I usually like to add garlic powder and thyme to squash.

Add cheddar, rice and mix well.

Cover a plate with breadcrumbs, then use your hand to shape your butternut squash croquettes and roll them in the breadcrumbs.

Fry croquettes in shallow oil until brown on all sides, for about 5 minutes.

butternut squash and rice croquettes

butternut squash croquettes

My advice: Enjoy either as a side dish with roasted pork or chicken, or as a starter served with tomato sauce for dipping.


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